by Eaten

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Available on Cassette and CD, email for info.


released February 11, 2014

All songs written by Eaten
Recorded by Clinton Lisboa at
Soundbox Recording in New Bedford, MA
Artwork by Yelena Rasic



all rights reserved


Eaten Massachusetts

Grindcore from Massachusetts.
Eaten is Tim, Andy, James and Dom.

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Track Name: Slave Species
pay for existence everlasting social pattern no more freedom, only extinction the only way to live is through full survival the blackened crust of the union and the working class grasp the hammer use the molten anvil start pounding your life away intensive labor back breaking destruction only to crush pay for existence everlasting social pattern disease sets in pollutants fill your lungs the only way to live is through full survival a slave to democracy we are a slave species
Track Name: Perish
push the fear perish breathe the stench of bile perish the youth don't mistaken infamous segregation father I'm choking build it to plan who you're taking life will stand confused and mistaken trapped in a world of terror
Track Name: Lunacy
just get off your life running around your miseries no one cares kill everything in fucking sight the lunacy coughing kill the machines
Track Name: Chaos Coffin
did the projects give up and cowardice without coffins pre chaos saves for this bewitched again devotion the fallen bothered it another time you take it the shakes the bog makes you fall the fall the lesson show me the lesson to fail the beast the curse choke on the open veil drop on the concrete live for nothing see your beating hear race rip it through your face bury the stake take it again it might purify chaos coffins covered in blood break me the varied ways of death
Track Name: Flesh Idol
rider of the storming sands origin of the bomb mentally enslaved to natural born son of fury covered in shame worms devour human waste raises the scent as it decays into the air obscuring eye sharpened from redemption selling suicide this is the son that wields our oceans his path has lead us to extinction when will we be saved never resurrected to cope with a false prophet we will fall again dismantle his existence
Track Name: Cryptic Genocide
there will be no more peace turning risk into revenue this so called indictment of freedom an overall indictment of failure soul crushed reality the bringer of death the investors are the illness repeat the epidemic hoax born to chance give up and pay war another global religion cryptic genocide
Track Name: Abrupt Decline
growing intensely what must I do to find a cure for my illness crazy ass bastard help me cut out my savior
Track Name: Evolving Infection
swath that will devour razors the path that leads to destruction there will be no more peace civil system illustrate its failure the burden of chance repeat the epidemic hoax a swath that will devour the legion of suffering and cryptic genocide
Track Name: Entombed In Failure
for the taking frustration and pain ancient martyrs that sent cowardice where is this great architect of the universe where is this god that feeds from the womb of chaos another life breathless covered in shards a colony without hope torn from the womb of life to exist in desolation congregation of the damned either way sterilization is the plan run for your life desperate mind covered in natural fame fallen crucible covered in blood a new world of shame blasphemous he shall rein together confidence will prove him wrong to his death god of the legion storm send us another one
Track Name: Mutual Devastation Pattern
buried bothered shattered in shame already fallen token with the burden of pain suffering what does the fame do when you're covered in flesh something's taken a toll guilty you cannot continue give up and crawl something took your traits broken fears are everything see you have become a nuisance broken thoughts and dreams pay for troubled dues states of depression something took your traits bewildered and confused something took your traits
Track Name: Faceless
born to breed bred to comply filling the world with eyeless hands falling at the knees of flesh idols groveling initiation to calculate bloodwork measured in innumerable catatonic states voluntary asphyxiation led down to the concrete desert of human descendancy the only eternal condition of man is the impermanence of love and the inevitable destruction of faith